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Updated: May 24

How to know you're fucked just so you know, this isn't some self-help blog it's more like a get yourself a bottle of wine, some good ass chocolate, while we cry and laugh at ourselves. Why?

Well because we can be so stupid sometimes, well I sure can be😅. God why do I like the men that mess me up, the cheery on top I never learn from my mistakes. Actually, fuck the wine get me a bottle of #vodka I need it. So yes he’s handsome well let’s be honest I mean sexy! god the six-pack🤤.

If anyone could make me believe in Greek gods, it's him because I bet my life on him being Aphrodite's offspring (the sex god if you didn't know!). I know you’re thinking what the hell is she complaining about well! ladies sex gods don’t keep your bed warm or care about your heart but god they ruin you for anyone else. Because now the bar is so high and he's just walked away like nothing happened, I'm so fucked🤦🏼‍♀️.


  1. Craving him or wanting more of him when he's not around

  2. Start comparing him to the guys around you or you dated

  3. Wanting to make him happy (sorry but your seriously fucked)

  4. You don't want to but a little green friend pops up and hello mister jealousy

  5. Start changing your plans to fit their schedule

Guess what ladies you can only have so much mind-blowing sex before you want more, and that's where it all starts to go wrong, I swear sex is a drug, well good sex anyway. Now what the hell do I do? drink and cry for a few days? well to hell with sex gods am going to head to #annsummers to get myself the most expensive vibrator or two and have some mind-blowing orgasms💃 so in your face Aphrodite you might be the god of sex. Still, you got nothing on vibrators, rom-com and a cosy night in... well that's a lie but let me make myself feel better! for god's sake cant I get a break here.

" Is anyone else feeling as stupid as I am right now or ever gotten fucked over too? "

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